Corralejo Dune Buggy Excursion,

DON'T MISS this opportunity to experience off-road FUN & ACTION in the dust, dirt and sand. Get behind the wheel of fantastic Dune Buggy! Visit the famous Sand Dunes and Volcanos of Fuerteventura.




drive your own buggy


2 people sharing a buggy


Search Availability




2hrs 30mins

Group Guide



Free Cancellation

Up to 24hr before


up to 45 people

Wheelchair Access

See suitability / restrictions below

More Information

(open options below)


1 Person 99€ or 2 persons 129€

7 x Weekly:- 09:00, 12:00 & 15:00

Corralejo starting point

Drive to Corralejo Sand Dune

Walk to the top of a Dune

Drive to the volcanos in La Oliva

Volcano off road driving.

Buy a coffee at a Canarian café

Return to Corralejo

Full description

We will all meet and get you organised before we start the Corralejo Dune Buggy excursion at the garage.

Prices are 99€ for one person only 99€ and if you want to share its only 129€ for two.

If they are busy, be patient because it is important that they get you familiar with the safety rules.

You leave the garage and make your way to the famous Sand Dunes of Corralejo.

Here you will get out and climb up a huge Dune, and enjoy the fantastic stunning views.

After you leave the dunes, we will take a short drive to the volcanos in La Oliva province.

This is where your Corralejo Dune Buggy Excursion feels at home because of the terrain.

You drive through the volcanos and off road through the dirt and sand and create huge dust plumes.

At this stage, you might need a rest so we stop at Canarian Café where you can buy a drink or snack

We now get you back to the dirt and sand as you drive up to the top of the mountains.

At this point some people can change their drivers for the return to Corralejo.

We hope that you have a fun and memorable day out on this brilliant and popular trip.

You can keep the memories of this activity because the company has its own photographers. You can decide if you want to buy the photographs or not.

Got a Question? Then contact us

Or WhatsApp/Call +34657059777

Meeting points

Corralejo:-"BURGER KING" on the high street.

Collection times:- 08:15, 11:00 & 14:00

Caleta de Fuste:- contact us before you book

No collection from:-Costa Calma, Jandia, Morro Jable, Gran Tarajal or Las Playitas.

Got a Question? Then contact us

Or WhatsApp/Call +34657059777

What we provide


Lead buggy guide

Photos are OPTIONAL

What you'll need

camera / phone

money for drinks etc

sun protector

dust mask

Valid driving licence

Shoes, Old clothes

Suitability / Restrictions

minimum age restriction 3 years

wheelchair access

not suitable for pregnant women

health restrictions apply

maximum weight 320 kilos

driving licence required


We DO NOT recommend if you are pregnant.

A full driver's license is required for anyone who wants to drive.

Drivers must be over 18

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Got a Question? Then contact us

Or WhatsApp/Call +34657059777


3 reviews for Corralejo Dune Buggy Excursion

  1. Steven Walters

    Did this yesterday and enjoyed it a lot, goggles may be a good idea because of the dust and grit getting in your eyes.
    I went on my own and its a bit expensive for just 1 at 99 euro but for 2 at 129 euro so if your on your own put a shout out on the Corajello page in case someone is willing to share the cost. I felt having someone beside me would have been more fun.
    Whilst this is described as being off road, I would describe it as 30% on road 45% dirt track which is the width of a road and cars also use it but it is dusty and gravelly but not truly off road and 25% properly off road where you get bumped around like crazy .
    That all being said it is still a good crack and I would do it again but as I said not on my own cos its just too expensive 79 euro on your own would be a fairer price. That being said I could have just given it a miss but I still chose to go.
    Finally photos could maybe be accessible by Web site to download a d then you could pick and pay as you see fit as they are another 30 Euro on top

  2. AJ

    These Dune Buggies are AWESOME!!!!!!. Cant add any more apart from we had so much fun and got really dirty!!!! brilliant

  3. Iona Shrupenhop

    Great fun and great value, Had a good time but they did want a lot of extra money for the photos. i know it does say that they charge for them but they asked a lot. So i recommend the trip just not the price of the pictures and they where very rude and angry when we said no!

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