Corralejo Volcano Tour,

BE AN EXPLORER & WALK UP a volcano easily and safely with your own licensed guide and enjoy EPIC panoramic views. Also explore shepherd huts and learn how the goat farmers lived and worked in Fuerteventura. This mini tour gives you so much in just 2 hours. FANTASTIC VALUE, ONLY 39€




Set price for both Adults & Children


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2 hrs

Driver / Guide



Free Cancellation

Up to 24hr before

Pickup Available

Please see meeting points below

Small Group

up to 8 people

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Friday's ONLY

Tour starts from Burger King Corralejo at 08:45

Drive off road through volcanic valley.

Explain safety and use of walking staffs

Walk up to viewing point on the crater.

Guided along a crater ridge walk

At the top learn about what you can see and its history

Walk back down and explore some shepherd huts

Drive back to Burger King Corralejo at 11:00

Full description

Join our next Corralejo Volcano Tour but remember there is Only one each week!

We really want to offer you the best value and time saved on this tour. The best way to save time is to have one meeting and collection point the Burger King in Corralejo.

We leave the meeting point at 08:45. From her we take a short drive from Corralejo through an amazing Volcanic valley. We arrive 10 minutes later at your destination of “Calderon Hondo”

We all walk with your guide to the volcano and continue up to its viewing platform

Here you will be treated to a spectacular view of this perfect and complete Crater. You will also see why it gets its name, “The crater of Waves”

Next we will guide you along the craters edge up to the highest point of this extinct volcano.

Once you have made it to the top, you can enjoy epic panoramic 360 degree views.

We will stay here for about 15 minutes and learn the history of all the landmarks you can see.

When you are ready, we will make our way back down to the bottom of the volcano.

On your way back to the bus, you will stop at some goat farmers huts. Here you can enter the huts and learn how the farmers worked.

Finally we will walk back to the bus and drive you back to Corralejo.

And this will complete you Corralejo Volcano tour. All of this will ONLY take you around 2 hours.

Got a Question? Then contact us

WhatsApp or Call +34657059777

Meeting points

"BURGER KING" Corralejo High Street 08:40

This tour operates from Corralejo ONLY.

Got a Question? Then contact us

Or WhatsApp/Call +34657059777

What we provide


Walking Staffs

What you'll need

camera / phone

sun protector

You must wear shoes


Suitability / Restrictions

no wheelchair access

not suitable for pregnant women

health restrictions apply


This is a guided tour with very low level of risk. However, you will be responsible for your own actions

If you have any health issues or mobility issues and want to know more we will listen and try help to accommodate you

Everyone can join this tour and choose how far you wish to walk.

Children can join our tour but they must be at an age that they can walk over rocks safely. Without help.

Got a Question? Then contact us

WhatsApp or Call +34657059777


15 reviews for Corralejo Volcano Tour

  1. Maria-Cristina

    Had incredible fun with Simon during this 2h volcano visit! Whatever you want, Simon will be able to provide you with. If you want to have a fun hiking experience, you will. If you want to know a little bit of geology or History, Simon will be there for you too! The view from the top is breathtaking, and Simon will show you the North of the island and everything you need to know to understand what a special place Fuerteventura is.

    It’s rare, very rare to get a tourist guide who’s so expert and at the same so fun to travel with, you should definitely give it a try!

  2. Eileen Humphreys

    What a wonderful tour under the watchful eye of Simon our guide. Great explanation of what to expect and the use of the handy staffs proved to be invaluable as a support when walking over the more rough terrain. Simon was extremely knowledgeable, motivational and above all patient. The 360 degree view at the top and the rim of the volcano was spectacular. I cannot recommend this tour enough it is a must if you visit the island of Fuerteventura. A huge thanks to Simon for making this a great experience.

  3. Michael Foxall

    Fantastic tour of extinct volcano in Fuerteventura under the watchful eye of Simon our guide who proved to be very knowledgeable. He was patient and very motivational ensuring that we were all comfortable with the terrain and the handy staffs that were supplied were invaluable. The views from the top and the volcano rim were fantastic and we shall remember them for a very long time. This is a must do tour if you visit the island of Fuerteventura. Thanks to Simon and Reggie the bus.

  4. Eileen

    Fabulous tour of an extinct volcano on the island of Fuerteventura. Simon our guide was fantastic. Very knowledgeable but above all patient. He encouraged us all the way with his handy tips for walking and the use of the walking staff for support was invaluable. Simon was very motivational and made us all feel that we could get to the top. We thoroughly enjoyed the morning and will remember the experience for a long time. The views were spectacular and the photos memorable. Would highly recommend GoGo Tours.

  5. Shaun

    Really enjoyed the tour Simon our guide was very informative and I recommend you book this tour.

  6. Sarah

    Brilliant and our tour guide Simon was fantastic and he brought out a fitness ability I never thought I possessed highlight of my holiday. You must book this tour.

  7. Lee Guard

    Calderon Hondo volcano tour. Amazing experience! Well worth the money to have someone to guide you – wouldn’t have felt confident enough to walk round the crater without Simon especially seeing other people trying dangerous shortcuts. Would definitely recommend

  8. Chris Guard

    Thoroughly enjoyed our guided tour with Simon to the top and around the rim of Calderon Hondo. Simon was knowledgeable and told us much about the volcano, it’s history and the surrounding views whilst always monitoring our safety up and down. I recommend the trip because it was clear from others who had climbed that day, that certain parts of the rim were too risky for some people and they took questionable escape routes down. Having a guide who has climbed the volcano many times took us on the best route and protected us from such risks. Wonderful views from the top. A thoroughly enjoyable short trip.

  9. Bernie Bosnyak

    Awe inspiring!
    This 2 hour tour will give you an amazing view of the north of the island. This takes you back 20 million years to when Fuerteventura was formed. Driving through the lava was an education in itself, with Simon’s enthusiastic commentary enhancing the experience. He guided us carefully and thoughtfully up to the rim of the crater, even teaching us ‘Stickography” to help us reach the top. You’ll have to do the tour to learn that for yourselves😂
    He knows where to walk and where you most definitely should not walk, and instills confidence in even the most cautious person.
    The views from the rim of the crater are amazing, and will make all of the island’s geography make sense. Simon also expands your knowledge with more “Stickography” and “pointing”. Again, you have to do the tour to see this.
    Once you’ve climbed back down and you’ve met back up with Reggie (the van) there’s a special surprise to round off your tour.
    I would 100% recommend this tour to give you an insight to the island’s history.

  10. Michelle McEvoy

    Wonderful experience with Simon from GOGO TOURS so knowledgeable and professional on our Volcano tour he went above and beyond please if your looking for an amazing guide GoGo Tours is where to book not enough stars to give 1 in a million 🔆

  11. Paul

    Absolute first class tour. Simon is incredibly knowledgeable and stays with you for the entire time making you feel safe, confident and relaxed. Views were magnificent.
    Amazing value for money!
    Highly recommend

  12. Paul

    Absolute first class tour. Simon is incredibly knowledgeable and stays with you for the entire time making you feel safe, confident and relaxed. Views were magnificent.
    Amazing value for money!
    I can not recommend this highly enough.

  13. KP


    For a couple of hours out this is a genius idea.
    The Volcano is local to Corralejo and not mega difficult to climb, it requires decent shoes, a little fitness and care but no different to walking the Peak District or Yorkshire dales.

    The big difference is that this is like being on Mars! Its a totally alien landscape, no trace of human existence and proper other-worldly escapism.

    The trip is designed so that we spent more time admiring the view than we did any difficult walking, and came away with some of the best photos I own.

    Its worth far more £££ than you’ll pay him, and not something the more typical tour operators offer – Simon adds his knowledge and humour to the trip to make it a great outing.

    See GoGoTourCanaries for booking!

  14. Angela G

    Simon made a special effort to arrange this tour for us, whifh speaks for itself. We had a fantastic time, really enjoyed the walk up and the views were just amazing. As we went quote early it was also quiet so there’s some stunning pictures as a result. Best €29 you can spend when in Fuerteventura.

  15. Alexander Morran

    OMG!!!! we chose this trip after booking the Grand Tour with Simon. The walk is incredible and the views are totally worth it. I cant believe what good value it is and personally he should charge more. I f you come to Fuerteventura and stay in Corralejo then you must try one of is tours.
    Thankyou again Simon and Reggie (the bus) next time we want to meet Alfie!!!!

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